SIGNply FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and clearly yes.

Yes, the digital signature is legally recognized in all the countries of Europe, USA and Latin America.

Documents signed with SIGNply provide the guarantees required by the main electronic signature regulations.

Each digital signature guarantees that the content has not been modified. With the Premium Plan you will be able to incorporate more evidence, such as the GPS position and an official time stamp from the moment of signing.

The digital signature is a technology that protects the electronic document. It guarantees that it cannot be modified from the moment it is signed. The biometric data of the handwritten signature guarantee the identity of the signatory.

SIGNply does not have a server where your documents are stored.

The digital signature is done on your own device. Always under your control.

Because the handwritten signature must not be duplicated. It would be like if you sign a bank check, and the bank uses your signature on other checks… would you like it?