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How to Sign Documents Securely and Efficiently with SIGNply

In an increasingly digitized world, signing documents has become a necessity for many. Whether to formalize a contract, authorize a procedure or validate an agreement, the digital signature is an indispensable tool. In this article, we will explore how you can digitally sign documents securely and efficiently using SIGNply.

¿What is SIGNply?

SIGNply is an industry-leading digital signature application, designed to provide secure and efficient solutions for authenticating electronic documents. With around 600,000 registered users, SIGNply has revolutionized the way we interact with digital documents.

Digitally Sign Documents on the Device

SIGNply’s distinctive feature is its ability to Digitally Sign Documents directly on your mobile device. Unlike other applications, with SIGNply, your document does not travel to external servers to be signed. This approach ensures maximum confidentiality, as your sensitive documents never leave your secure environment.

Privacy in the Digital Signature

At SIGNply, user privacy is a priority. By performing the digital signature on your own device, the risk of exposing sensitive data is minimized. This ensures that the integrity and authenticity of the document is maintained, providing peace of mind to users.

Security and Confidentiality

SIGNply uses advanced encryption and authentication technologies to ensure that each digital signature is unique, unrepeatable and linked to the signer. In addition, SIGNply complies with the eIDAS regulations, guaranteeing that each signature made on the platform has legal validity in the European Union.

At SIGNply, we pride ourselves on using the most robust and secure algorithms on the market to digitally sign documents, ensuring that every transaction is protected from any threats or vulnerabilities.

Our technology uses advanced algorithms, such as RSA, widely recognized for their security and reliability. These algorithms encrypt information so that only authorized parties can access it, ensuring the integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of each digitally signed document.

This use of cutting-edge technology positions SIGNply as a leader in information protection and security in the digital signature process.


We also have a great SDK to integrate the digital signature function into you native or cross-platforms.

Total Control Over Your Documents

With SIGNply, you have complete control over your documents. You can decide who has access to them, how they are shared and how they are stored. This ability to manage your documents allows you to maintain confidentiality and ensure that only authorized people have access to your information.

Regulatory Compliance

SIGNply strives to stay up to date with regulations and standards regarding digitally signing documents. The platform meets the most rigorous international standards, ensuring that your digitally signed documents are legally binding and globally accepted.

Customized Solutions for Companies

In addition to its mobile application, SIGNply offers customized «in-house» solutions for companies looking to integrate digital signature into their existing systems.

This allows organizations to improve their efficiency, reduce costs and optimize their business processes.

In-House Integrations for iOS and Android

For companies looking for a deeper and more personalized adaptation, SIGNply offers special «in-house» integrations for iOS and Android operating systems.

This allows organizations to seamlessly integrate our digital signature solutions directly into their mobile applications and internal systems, benefiting from a consistent and secure user experience.

By providing flexible integration options, SIGNply ensures that every company can get the most out of digital signing, regardless of the platform they use.

Start signing now!!

Digitally signing documents is an essential process in today’s digital world.

With SIGNply, you can digitally sign documents securely and efficiently, maintaining full control over your documents and complying with international regulations. Whether you are an individual or a company, SIGNply has a solution tailored to your needs.

Ready to experience digital signing safely and efficiently? Download SIGNply today and discover how we can help you optimize your digital signature processes.

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